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CobbMeter is a medical tool designed to measure the Cobb angle, the kyphosis angle, and the sacral slope on vertical spine radiographs.

It is intended to the Spinal care professional, and turns the iPhone into a professional measuring tool.

" I designed CobbMeter with Regis Rigal as the professional tool I had always needed in my everyday practice in both Orthopedic Spine Surgery and Spinal non operative care.

A tool that fits in the pocket in the very same device that I use to manage my busy schedule, that I can call immediately by pressing an icon, and which can be used on both regular radiographs or even a (vertical) computer screen to measure accurately the Cobb angle in spinal deformities, but also the kyphosis angle in spinal fractures and the sacral slope in degenerative and deformitic conditions.

All that one has to do in using the device is align the side of the iPhone to the standard tracings we use routinely, and the position sensor built in the iPhone will do the rest.

The precision of the device itself is 1/10th of a degree, far more precise than the precision of the measure as determined in everyday practice and the literature.

Measures are logged for further use and may be sent by e-mail to the surgeon or staff for recording purposes, with the levels of the measured curve, type of curve and patient id or number. A calibration procedure was also implemented to accurately measure the angle with the horizontal plane as in the sacral slope.

Through though the developpement, Regis has shown an extraordinary sense of patience and astounding programming skills so as to accurately provide a tool that fits the needs of the surgeon and the spine care provider to best treat the patients ; and I thank him for his efforts.

I am very proud of releasing this small software in the community, and I hope it will facilitate a little bit the life of my dear colleagues and the patients.

I thank the colleagues who gave me their kind advice on the software during its developpement and wish they will find it usefull."

Frederic P Jacquot MD


"I was delighted to receive a link to your CobbMeter, sent to me by an surgeon/programmer friend in Sweden (Martin Wehlou MD). My father, Dr Cobb, would have been very happy to see this creative extension of his work after so many years.

As a child in the 1950's, he told me wonderful stories about the geometry of the human body, and the tortion in scoliosis that had mystified physicians for so long. Dad was a wonderful blend of poet, scientist, and humanitarian, and he realized early in his practice that accurate and consistent measurement are an absolute requirement for reliable outcomes."

Allen Cobb



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